What does Lockdown mean for your business?
What does Lockdown mean for your business?

What does Lockdown mean for your business?

We’re all impacted differently by lockdown. Some are busier than ever providing products and services people need during lockdown; others are forced to close their doors and cease all kinds of trading. If you fall into the latter category, what can you do in lockdown to make sure you’re making the most of your time?

image of tv showing netflixHere at For You Photography we’ve been forced to postpone most of our work until lockdown is lifted. But will you find me sitting on the sofa in my PJs, bingeing on Netflix and nachos? Heck no!

Here’s what I’ll be getting up to and why you should do the same:

Refresh your website content

Lockdown is the perfect opportunity to really look at your website, how it’s working for you and what you could change to make your audience’s experience better. If you have it, get into Google Analytics and see which pages and posts are doing best for you. Tidy up your blog library – update your best performing posts and reshare them on social media. 

Keep an eye out for any questions you’re asked as a result of what’s on your website and add those to a bank of blog topics for the coming weeks. 

Ensure all your contact details, opening hours and basic information on your website is up to date and correct.

Sort out your social media

Do you have too many social media accounts? Or have you been putting off signing up to any because you don’t have the time to dedicate to social media?

Now’s the time to address those issues. While you aren’t working, it’s more important than ever to remind your audience that you’re still in business. If you have too many accounts, take the time to evaluate which ones you should focus on – be brave and cull those that bring little or no benefit to your business.

Still not signed up to any? Find out which one (or two) are most relevant to your business audience. Where do your ideal customers hang out online? If you’re mainly business to business, LinkedIn could be the platform for you. If you’re selling products to consumers, Facebook and Instagram might be your best bet. Don’t try and conquer the whole world of social media. Choose one platform and dedicate your time to learning to do it properly – it will pay dividends.

Plan your content

Whoa there! That sounds a bit scary, right?

Not at all. 

Spend a little time now and your future self will thank you a million times over in the weeks to come. Decide what your key messages are, then think about the best ways to communicate those messages to your audience.

Set yourself up with a 12-month blog plan or challenge yourself to plan out your content on your chosen social media platform for the next three months. 

Neither of those is as scary as it might seem. I’m not saying you have to sit and write the whole lot now – that would be a mountain to climb! But you can set up a spreadsheet, log on to your favourite organisational software or whip out your favourite notebook and pen to jot down ideas for posts. 

Use frequently asked questions to form the titles of some of your posts. Give away tit bits of advice to answer questions your audience might not have even thought about yet. Explain certain aspects of your products or services. Think about seasonal influences on your business – an example for my business could be planning a blog post on wedding photography in the run up to summer.

image of a diary and lensThe possibilities for topics are vast and, given some focused thought, you’ll come up with 6-12 without even blinking an eye. And then you have a loose schedule for the coming months, removing the burden of coming up with ideas on the fly.

Check out this blog post by In The Detail which lays out a really simple way to come up with a 12 month schedule for your blog posts.

Take an honest look at the images you use in your business

Yes, here it is. You knew it was coming, didn’t you?

Photographs and imagery. One of the most important parts of attracting attention, telling stories and reinforcing brands.

Take an objective look at your online and offline presence – your website, social media profiles, leaflets, flyers, brochures… Imagine looking at it through the eyes of your audience. Do the images look professional? Are they in line with your brand? Do they represent your values and your ethos?

Or are you using generic, bland stock images like everyone else in your industry?

Wouldn’t you love to look at your presence and feel an inner glow of pride?

Use the time you have to plan out some photographs for your business. Generate bespoke stock imagery that uses the tools you employ in your business every day. The books you read, the equipment you use, the environment you work in. Those photographs will be undeniably yours because you’ve put the effort into curating them around your business. Here’s a blog I wrote about taking photographs for your business.

And if you’re really struggling, this is one of the areas in which I’m still able to work. I can help you drill down into your business, find your ethos and come up with some creative ways to represent your business through your bespoke stock image library. Find out more about how I can help you, here.

In the meantime, stay safe and well – contact me if there’s anything I can help with!

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