The Joy of being a freelancer.
The Joy of being a freelancer.

Being a freelancer of course has so many ups and downs. For me the ups far outweigh the downs. 

I get to choose who I work with. I don’t just mean clients but also other freelancers who compliment what I’m doing and vice versa. I often think of myself working in the ultimate dream team of people.

Ellen Forster smiling wearing headphones infront of a podcasting mic. One of my dream team members has to be Ellen Forster. 

I met Ellen,  who is a Newcastle Copywriter and owner of Content By The Sea right at the start of my freelancing journey. We both went to the same networking groups and got chatting. Over the past couple of years we have became really good friends. 

Since then Ellen has grown her business and now works along side her fiancé Craig who equally is also a pleasure to work with. 

Weirdly or maybe not we also kept getting the same clients. We have now worked on multiple projects together. 

Image of Ellen and Craig with their two dogs Potter and Harmony.Some projects were recommended to one of us by the other and some were just completely coincidental. 

Our latest project we have worked on has been for Whitley Bay Estate Agents, Brannen and Partners.

They were looking for a new website, fresh imagery that shared their story and showcased their teams. 

Ellen and Craig have done an incredible job putting everything together. Words and images to create a beautiful website that will now serve its purpose for Brannen and Partners.

brannen and partners team photo in the office. 7 ladies smilingHere you can see the final website along with their new brand imagery. 

If you are looking to refresh your website, copy and brand photography get in touch for a chat. 

Brannen and partners senior team photoYou can learn more about Ellen and Craig here.

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