Stock photography – but not as you know them

Hello again! And how is it almost Christmas?

Last month, on my first blog, we talked about why images are important to you and your business.

This month, in the run up to the end of another year, we’re looking at stock images. I’m also going to tell you my take on stock imageChristmas Stock image created by For You Photographys and how bespoke stock images can be your business’s mainstay for next year’s social media posts.

But first of all.

What are stock images?

Stock images are, as the name suggests, images that every business can have access to, to use on social media, on websites, in printed literature.

They’re non-personalised, generic images which can be used to illustrate blog posts, social media posts, brochures or newsletters. They can be free (from places like Pixabay or Unsplash), or can be paid for (from Shutterstock or Adobe Stock).

Visit any of these sites (there are many, many more available) and search for almost any keyword you like, and you’ll find a relevant, attractive, free or reasonably priced image for download.

The good, the bad and the ugly of stock images

Don’t get me wrong, stock photos have their place. They enable businesses with very little budget to illustrate blogs and social media posts, and many are relevant, professional and slick.

Others can be cheesy, cringeworthy and so wide of the mark that they’re laughable (see this site for some hilarious examples of stock photos gone wrong!). My advice is, choose carefully. Make sure any stock images you use are relevant to your business. Try to avoid using images that contain human faces as these are easily recognisable as non-personalised photographs – those people don’t work in your business!

But where stock images really fall down is when businesses thrive on a personal service, specific products or services, or a human touch. For example, if you are your business (as is the case for so many freelancers and solopreneurs out there), there’s no escaping the fact that it has to be your face that people see on your business images, not a random model who dressed up as a [insert your business speciality here] to pose for some photos. It’s not human. It’s not personal. It’s not you.

In addition, be really careful not to pick the same old stock images that all your competitors are using. Your work, your business, should stand out from the stock image-toting crowds.

And the best way to accomplish that?

By investing in a brand collection from For You Photography.

The For You Photography Brand Collection

The Brand Collection from For You Photography is the next step in stock images.

It’s an investment in your business for many months to come. It’s not an all-out photoshoot with headshots, product shots or workplace imagery – they’re really expensive!

No, this is a small, yet significant investment in stock images that are relevant to your business. They’re personalised with your products, brand and ethos so they can represent you and your business in so many ways.

How the Brand Collection works

  • The first step towards your own brand collection is a consultation with me. We talk about your story, your business, your clients and your services. I ask what you would like to use the images for, and we establish your style.
  • Next, I’ll create a mood board – a collection of ideas to represent your business. I’ll share this with you to refine the style of the images and then…
  • We move on to creating a set of bespoke branded images for you and your business. You choose your favourite ten images from the collection and you’re free to start using them straight away.
  • At this stage, the world is your oyster. Use the images on your website, blog, social media channels, printed literature, newsletters… share them with the world.
  • If you feel you need a refresh a few months down the line, you can add additional shots to your collection from your original choice for just a small additional cost.

Working towards a personalised Brand Collection will not only save you time and money in the long-run, but it will also create a professional stock of images at your disposal. Your social media posts and business literature will be uniquely yours, helping your clients and customers pick you out from a crowd. And your photography will have a personal touch that helps you win new business.

If you’re interested in talking to me about your own Brand Collection, contact me here or call 07502668229 – I’d love to have a chat with you.

Let’s make your business photography, personal,


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