Print Isn’t Dead | Guest blog by George Forster
Print Isn’t Dead | Guest blog by George Forster

Print isn't dead.

Before the internet and digital media took the world by storm, print was king and reigned supreme.

It was a golden age – one in which we did not have to remember countless login details and passwords in order to read our favourite magazines or newspapers. We did not have to be alert to the need to cancel online subscriptions at the end of free trials, resulting in our having to pay for a year’s subscription when all we wanted was to read an article telling us how to cook artichokes or pasta al dente.

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Now just imagine having a cup of coffee or any other hot drink of choice in hand, whilst relaxing in a comfortable chair with your favourite brochure-zine/magazine in your hand (preferably one of ours).  The simple tactile pleasure of turning the pages, enhanced by the scent of luxury paper satisfies the senses in a way that digital feeds never can.  In some high-quality motoring magazines, you can smell the leather seats from the pages as well as the wood panel finishes of the dashboard.

The sensory appeal of print creates an emotional connection for the consumer, which can be enhanced by the free sample of Eau de parfum or luxury lotion, promoting a sense of well-being or elevated living.

man reading a magazineReading something in print is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it has a pleasing sense of permanence. It does not need to be constantly updated or debugged.

 In a frenetic and overwhelming digital world, attention spans are diminishing fast, the mind is overloaded with adverts, banners, messages and notifications hurrying across the screen distracting our focus on the article we wanted to read. By contrast, there is a calmness and a meditative stillness that accompanies the reading of printed materials.

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Ironically, social media giants such as Facebook are getting in on the act by producing their own print magazine.  Facebook’s Grow magazine was launched in June 2018 and describes it as a medium to promote “a lifestyle for the elite and business leaders.”    

Whilst engrossed in your magazine, you will at least be liberated from Silicon Valley algorithms determining what you are exposed to and harvesting personal data to sell on to other companies. Playing fast and loose with the truth and generating “fake news” in order to manipulate political elections. 

State of the art printing presses are running night and day to keep up with the renewed demand for print runs as a consequence of a shift in thinking in the business world.  Companies that moved everything online are realising that their customers like to hold and pore over a physical magazine, catalogue or brochure. The allure of the free gift as a marketing tool is returning to the promotional market. Providing something tangible rather than virtual as an incentive to buy.

The daily barrage of emails and the volume of unsolicited digital information that we receive online is bewildering. However, physical printed materials, promotional gifts and targeted mail campaigns done right will always cut through the digital noise. They will strike the right chord and present a company’s brand message loud and clear to their target audience.

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