How to capture your personal brand with photography?
How to capture your personal brand with photography?

It’s my belief that personal branding captures the heart of your business in images. These images can then be used to tell your business story on your website, social media posts, articles, publications… the list is endless.

Want to know more about my personal branding service? I can help you capture the very essence of your business and communicate it to your audience, in photographs.

What is personal branding?

Personal branding is the art of capturing the heart of your personality, and that of your business, on camera. 

I’m trying to reinvent visual business marketing. I’m leaving behind the stale headshots and old corporate photoshoots in favour of a versatile collection of fresh, creative images that represent your personality and the ethos of your business.

The images you put out create an impression of your business in the minds of your audience. Investing in a personal branding collection allows you to put the best version of your business out for people to see, separating you from your competitors by a clear mile. Your collection will not only add value to your brand, but could help you bring in more sales too.

What’s the difference between headshots and personal branding?

Colourful portrait of a man stood smilingWhile headshots capture your portrait, generally on a plain or generic background, personal branding shots capture the heart and personality of your business. 

Sure, we’ll take some headshots as part of the collection, but we’ll also delve deeper into your business too. 

We’ll find out why you do what you do and tell the story of you and your business through portraits, lifestyle shots, action shots and product images.

How can I prepare for my personal branding photoshoot?

My best advice for this is to decide what kind of story you want your collection to tell. This will dictate the kind of locations, clothing choices and props we can use to reflect that. 

Business owber teaching online in a video callFor the location, decide whether you want to show your workplace, your home, a cool coffee shop, the outdoors… It’s down to you and how you want your business to be captured. If you’re really stuck for ideas, cafes, hotels, studios or co-working spaces are a great place to start.

Choosing the right outfit for your shoot can be stressful and time consuming – loads of my clients struggle with this aspect, so you’re not alone.

My advice is, go for clothing that suits your personality and your brand. Go with comfort and correct fit so you can just relax and enjoy the shoot instead of worrying about ill-fitting jackets and bulging buttons. 

In general, go for simple patterns and muted colours. Why not take a few selfies in your chosen outfit and make sure you’re comfortable with the look – I’m more than happy to provide advice and feedback if you need it.

If you are still stuck on styling consider using a personal stylist who can help you find the perfect look and use of colours. Read more about personal brand styling in this recent blog by personal stylist Lucienne Gage. 

If you need help with hair and makeup, I’d highly recommend you work with a professional to get you feeling a million dollars before your shoot – you’ll be pleased you did when you see the finished shots. I’m happy to help with putting you in touch or you can arrange it yourself.

Props can add life and depth to a branding collection, but should always be relevant to your personality, business and brand. Choose anything that you interact with daily or equipment that you use in your business.

The world really is your oyster with props, but here are some quick tips to get your mind working:

  • Try to incorporate your brand colours with your props
  • Show unique aspects of your business that your audience might not know about
  • Create a connection with potential clients by showcasing items that resonate with you and them
  • Add a few items that show your passions and values outside the workplace

How does a personal branding photoshoot work?

Personal branding shoot of a lady smiling and taking notes in her kitchenAt the session, we try to keep everything as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. The shots, props, outfits and location have already been planned so it’s more about connecting you with the things you love and enjoying the process rather than posing for the camera.

I’ll take a mixture of action shots, behind the scenes photos and portraits to get across who you are and what you do both in and out of work.

Once the session has finished, I’ll aim to edit your images within 3-4 weeks. Outtakes are eliminated, blurry edges removed, and all the fabulous shots are incorporated into a collection for you to choose from. I’ll upload your images to your own custom gallery on my website and you can download and share them instantly.

Basic touching up is included in the package but if you wanted some more in-depth editing, I’m happy to provide a quotation based on extra editing time.

How do I book?

It’s best to book as far in advance as possible so please contact me as soon as you decide you’d like to go ahead. I take a 50% retainer upfront to secure the date and then full payment is required in advance of the shoot date. Drop me a line via my website, social media channels or by email and I’ll send through your contract and payment details.

Once you’re booked in, we’ll agree a date for a strategy session – this is generally done over the telephone or via Zoom. I’ll ask you to come up with a few ideas in advance and I’ll do the same. I’ll need to know how and where you’ll be using your images, and a brief brand description (written by you) will help get the ideas flowing.

Personal branding package

Every brand is unique, which means each collection needs to be thought about differently. However, I’ve found that most of my clients can create a fabulous collection within my hourly or monthly brand photography packages. Which you can learn more about here 

Like what you see? Now is the time to start thinking about your personal branding collection. Contact me to find out more and let’s get your branding collection ball rolling.

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