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New 1-1 service coming soon…

image of a diary and lens

New 1-1 service coming soon...

image of a diary and lens

Do you ever feel like your lost in the world of social media? 

I bet the answer is yes. More specifically, are you struggling to find and know what images to use to help your marketing be noticed, by the right people? 

Whether you use Instagram, facebook, Linkedin or a blog. Visuals are so important for our marketing. We don’t want to just be posting any image either it has to be relatable, on brand and most of all in context to what we are trying to achieve from our posts.

I know and have personally experienced times when I have been posting on my social media channels and feel like I’m talking to a brick wall. Tumbleweed rolls across my screen and I feel deflated. 

All of that time and effort, ignored or lost. 

However, that changed during the first lockdown, I went from having very little engagement on my posts to being noticed and most importantly having an engaged audience that now follows and support me. Leading to sales!

I have been working on a personalised package to allow a limited number of consultations per month where we will work together for 2 hours over 2 sessions to discover the following; 

  • Your story and personal brand 
  • What images you already have and what images you need 
  • Create a personalised visual content plan that will help you to communicate and market your business and your personal brand. 
  • A list of recommendations and advice to follow to help you stand out from your competition and be noticed by your ideal clients. 

The service is a small investment of £49 and two hours of your time. The ideas and time spent from this session could make a huge difference to your marketing and give you a clearer direction to work towards. 

The best part about this new service is that you can use it as a one-off and get some fresh ideas and support for your marketing plan or you can use it as a regular service as and when you need it, to have fresh ideas monthly, yearly or even every season.

As this service is brand new, I will be only accepting a small number of consultations each month, to begin with. 

To learn more and register your interest for this brand new service by For You Photography, please complete the form below. 


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