Getting Social on Social Media
Getting Social on Social Media
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So many times I hear that social media isn’t working for marketing.

People say “I never get anything from it.”

To be honest…I couldn’t disagree more! The difference is I don’t rely on my social media for sales and marketing.

I use it socially! Let me tell you a little story.Image of Bella the personal stylist wearing black with blonde hair holding her iPad smiling towards the camera

We got chatting over messages and decided we have to meet! Due to Covid we had to turn to zoom but it didn’t matter it was great just learning more about what each other did and who we served.

We agreed that we had to work together somehow.

A few weeks later we arranged a brand photoshoot with one of Bella’s clients Emma, a new, local wedding planner.

Bella arranged for us to use two locations. Firstly we visited New Look, Newcastle for the behind the scenes of Emma’s Styling Session and then the beautiful The Botanist in the city centre.

A few months ago I met Bella on instagram. I seen a post she did showing the behind the scenes of a project she was working on and just immediately thought I love what she does and I really liked her style.

The photos were to capture both Bella at work showing Bella, her work and the styling process with her client Emma.

We also did some photos of Emma with her beautiful new wardrobe.

Having the personal styling added in before the brand photoshoot takes place makes a huge difference to Emma’s experience but also to the images.

Why?Bella - blonde hair and green jacket. Arms both have visible tattoos showing an iPad with different styles of clothes to her client not visible in the image.

One of the most common challenges I find is my clients struggling with confidence when having their photos taken. 

Brand Photography is there to help you be the face of your business and if your not feeling your most confident or you don’t like how you look in the pictures it can really effect the experience.A close up of different dresses on a clothing rack

Having Bella to help choose the right outfits for Emma not only complimenting Emma’s body and style but also for Emma’s brand created confidence which came across straight away when I was capturing Emma’s pictures.

Overall we had a great day and I couldn’t wait to start editing the pictures from the day.

Once the images were edited and ready, I shared them with Bella and Emma and they both came straight back to me to say they loved them! Which is always music to my ears. Thats what I love most about my job is helping women to feel confident and see it for themselves within their images. Knowing that they can be proud and excited to have them represent their brands.

But do you want to know what the best part of this whole experience was?

It was the fact this would have never happened if we didn’t start a conversation on social media.
Please remember no matter which platform you choose to use for your marketing it’s SOCIAL so get chatting and you never know what opportunities you might find.

So on that note, go and send a message to someone on your social media and get a conversation started.
Have a wonderful week!


P.S I’ve got some exiting news coming your way! Me and Bella have been talking so more and have decided to create a brand new service for you. More details will be coming soon so keep your eyes peeled.


You can learn more about Bella and her services here:
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You can learn more about Emma and her wedding planning services here:
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Location 1: The Botanist Newcastle

Location 2: New Look Newcastle

Image of Bella a personal stylist talking and showing iPad to client Emma both smiling.


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