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It’s been a busy few weeks here at For You Photography. You may have seen that For You Photography has been in the media! I thought I would share with you all about my experience. I told my story about my career change and ambitions to have a complete change in setting up my own Photography company and my hope that others will consider when to start looking for new opportunities if their current career is making them unhappy.

I am a member of the North Tyneside Business Forum, which has been such a rewarding and helpful tool for me and my business. I’ve made so many great connections which have, lead to some really amazing opportunities. I met Keith Newman of Highlights PR, through the business forum after being asked to be featured on the Business forum’s new radio show which is hosted on Radio Northumberland.

I did three sections which were featured on the show. Following, the interviews I spoke to Keith about my career change and the reasons leading to it. He suggested that we did a PR piece that could be sent out to the local media about my story. I was overwhelmed with the response it got and is still getting.

From day one I have wanted my photography business to achieve its main purpose of providing my clients with professional photography but also I still want to help people. This PR piece allowed me to reach thousands of people and give them inspiration and hope that maybe they could follow and understand through hearing my experience.

Thank you for reading, I would love to hear what you think or hear from you if you have also changed career. Don’t forget you can subscribe via our contact us page so you can read all of our future updates and stories.



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