Feeling confident in front of the camera: five top tips
Feeling confident in front of the camera: five top tips

Feeling confident in front of the camera: five top tips

When I’m working with clients, I often get questions like: How should I stand? Where should I look? Where do I do with my hands? My main aim is to capture images that highlight someone’s personality, but if they don’t feel confident in front of the camera, how do I achieve that?

Here are my top five steps to feeling confident in front of the camera, whether you’re working with a professional or doing your own photoshoot.

Step 1: Make a plan!

image of a diary and lensBefore you do anything, having a plan in place will help you prepare and know what to expect from your photoshoot. When I work with my clients I have a strategy call, and this is our planning time.

The planning stage helps you to feel organised and have a good idea about the location, the time, your aims for the photoshoot and anything else you need to think about before getting in front of a camera.

Plan what to wear. This is always a big part of the planning stage especially if you have more than one outfit to consider and it’s for a personal branding shoot. Aim to feel confident, but most importantly you need to feel comfortable.

Have you thought about employing a hairdresser, makeup artist or stylist? The planning stage is the perfect stage to get them involved. If you don’t know who to use, ask your photographer for recommendations – having professionals on board will make your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Step 2: Prepare for your shoot.

image of girl looking intrigued with glasses in handYou should now know where and when your photoshoot will take place and the overall idea of what should be expected from the experience.

Consider any arrangements you need to make in advance. This includes ensuring your outfits are prepared and booking makeup and hairstyling appointments. Allow plenty of time between each appointment so you feel relaxed and not rushed.

Timing is a huge part of the preparation stage. I always ask my clients to arrive as early as possible to a photoshoot. No later than 10 minutes before. Why? By turning up on the dot or late you will feel rushed. You’ll need to get changed quickly and head straight into shooting time to ensure you get the most out of your time. However, if you arrive slightly earlier you can get dressed, take some time to sit have a drink and relax. You’ll start your session feeling calm and prepared for your photoshoot.

Step 3: Learn your style

Image of woman holding a cupWhether you’re doing a professional photoshoot or a DIY shoot at home you want to feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing, or it will show in your images.

Find out the most appropriate style for your by speaking to a personal stylish. They’ll help you learn about the colours and shapes of clothes to compliment your personality, your body shape and your skin tone.

Of course, this isn’t always the most affordable option so I would say follow these three golden rules:

  1. Wear something that compliments your body shape. If you don’t feel comfortable with different areas of your body, then avoid tight fitting clothes.
  2. Think about the colours of your clothes in relation to your brand. Think about using a pop of colour such as a scarf or a blazer to reflect your brand, rather than a full outfit in your brand colours.
  3. Depending on the location of the shoot make sure you have comfy shoes. If you don’t usually wear a heal then don’t choose to wear heals for the full shoot. You’ll end up in pain and the discomfort will spoil your experience.

Step 4: Work with your photographer

Picture of photographer with a camera smilingThe photographer is there to help you to look good but also to help you have fun and feel good about your photoshoot.

If you’re worried or unsure about anything at all, tell them. Communication is key when doing any shoot. If you need a break or clarification about anything the photographer is asking you to do, let them know.

If you feel uncomfortable about any of your photographer’s suggestions, let them know! We are here to help you get the best photographs possible, and we want you to be happy with the end result. If you don’t feel comfortable it will show in the images. So, the best thing to do is speak with your photographer and work together to achieve the best results.

Step 5: HAVE FUN!

Lady Jumping with a huge smile having fun with hair going wildHaving a photoshoot should be fun. Whether you’re at home or with your photographer, it doesn’t matter. The best pictures, in my experience, are the ones where it’s obvious you’re just having the time of your life, laughing and genuinely smiling!

I usually ask my clients to take a moment before their shoot to shake their body, releasing any tension and allowing any nerves to slip away. We tell jokes and just play around with ideas. Not every idea works out but the ones that do usually make the best images.

Enjoy the time you have with your photographer. Don’t hold back. Just pretend the photographer isn’t there and just be you!

You’ve got this!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my five steps to feeling confident in front of the camera. There will be more blogs coming soon from other experts, so make sure you’re signed up to my newsletter – that way, you’ll never miss an update. For now, head over to my blog page and catch up on my previous posts.

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