Choosing the right colours for your brand shoot

Which colours should you wear for your brand photoshoot? 

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You’re either excited or scared about your upcoming professional photoshoot. Lots of us don’t like having our photo taken, often because we are self-conscious. Plus most of us are bottom of our own list when it comes to investing in ourselves. So before you launch your website, business or apply for the promotion or new job you’ve been dreaming of, have a read of my blog and let me help you with an everyday solution of what to wear.  

Have you invested in your visual appearance?  

As individuals, we will all invest time and money in our business brand whether its logos or websites. Or if you’re employed I’m sure you will invest in study and qualifications. However, have you thought about investing in your personal professional appearance? I’m sure, for most, our visual appearance is last on the list when it should be first. 

What you wear really matters.

It says so much about you, visually, to your audience. We all know the phrase “a picture paints a thousand words.” So what will your picture/photograph say about you? Have you ever thought about looking at yourself as others see you? Not just in the mirror? 

If the answer is no then I’m here to help you. 

If you’re unsure, have a look at my case studies on my website 

It really is worth thinking in more detail about what you are going to wear. 

Business owber teaching online in a video call Colour is a big part of your visual image. 

Yet many of us will still be wearing black or dark colours simply because we feel we should.  Getting the colour of your clothes right for you is as important as getting your website to look tip-top. People will make judgements about you from your photograph, possibly without having met you. So you see the colour of your clothes really does have an impact on your visual image, and how others see you. 

Wearing your favourite colour may not be the best choice either. Just because we like a colour doesn’t mean we should wear it from head to toe. In fact, most of my clients realise after they have worked with me that their favourite colour doesn’t work for them with clothing.   

Right or wrong colours – does it make a difference?

Yes, it really does. It’s all about your skin tone and finding which colours work for you. The right colours make our skin look healthy and glow naturally. The wrong colours make us look tired and pale. For women, this often means too much makeup is applied to compensate.   When you have your colours analysed and you see the difference between right and wrong, you’ll wonder why you didn’t discover your colours years ago.  

Lady smiling in a green dress sitting on a shelfWhat are the benefits?

Knowing your colours saves you time when shopping for new clothes. It will also save you money on clothes that you never wear or that don’t go with anything else in your wardrobe. The right colours give you the confidence to be yourself. In the right colours, you will always look great, naturally. 

Your photoshoot

Just think how relaxed and confident you will be knowing that you look good in your colours.  In turn, that will ensure you love your photos and use them for your personal branding, everywhere. And your photographer will be able to get the best shots of you. You will be relaxed, confident and showing your personality through your smile. 

Why wouldn’t you want this outcome from your photoshoot

If you would love to know more, check out the case studies on my web page. 

Remember I’m here to help. 


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