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About Me

I'm Lauren McWilliams, Owner and Photographer of For You Photography

I set up For You Photography with an aim of putting my passion for photography and people together. I specialise in Wedding, Corporate and Commercial photography within the North Tyneside area.

My background is a little different. I completed my degree and masters in criminology and the criminal justice system. My career choice was to become a probation officer but after a year working in hostels within Newcastle I decided to take my career in a different direction.

Photography was always a hobby of mine, from travelling and taking a thousand photos to taking photos for family and friends at events and weddings. I decided to try a new route and make it a business.

I didnt want to turn my back on my passion of people and have spent time working with the likes of VODA in North Tyneside and Sector connector to still work within the community and with people. This lead me to being given an amazing opportunity to run the #iwill group, a group of young people aged 14-25 to build digital skills such as photography, filming, design and more to support social change.

I am so proud of my achievements so far and feel so prividged to be able to combine my passion for people and photography together within my business.

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Photography is an art.

It’s about finding EXTRA-ordinary

In an ordinary place

For You Photography specialises in Weddings, Corporate and Commercial photography. We pride ourselves on building connections and providing you with the beautiful photography that you deserve.

Connections & Creativity

Meet the photographer and build a connection before booking anything.

When you're choosing a photographer the market can be quite daunting however it doesnt have to be. We believe that just like choosing your new pair of shoes or the perfect dress you would usually try them on before you commited to buying. Why should this be any different when choosing your photographer? Whether, you are looking to book an hour for headshots or your full wedding day its imporant to have a connection with the photographer.

It's equally imporant for the photographer to get to know you too. Having a good understanding of your needs, imporant facts will go a long way when it comes to working together. Every client is imporant to us and we want you to feel confident when working together, we will do everything we can to ensure that happens.

Corporate Photography

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Photography can showcase all your hard work, whether it be in the office or at a special event.

For You Photography is available to support your business. Whether it's a few images to brighten up your website or its to take over your social media. We can offer you bespoke images of services, buildings, corporate events and more.

For charities and good causes, big or small we can offer a 20% deduction from our full price on all packages available.

Commercial Photography

Make your social media and website look professional and unique with creative photos of the services you offer. These can be candid images of your employees working or other details that will perfectly showcase your business.

Wedding Photography

No complex packages here. Just three simple packages to help you pick the perfect choice to suit your big day.