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About me

I'm a passionate human, who loves all things travel, tea and good crime Netflix series and brand photographer! I love helping fellow freelancers and small independent businesses like you to stand tall and be visible within their brands. You will find me with a large cup of Rington's Tea in Newcastle Upon Tyne but I'm afraid to tell you I'm not a native Geordie. I'm originally from Lancashire, Family from Durham and friends from all over so my accent is a little bit erm, confused at times.

I'm a self taught photographer, I actually moved to Newcastle to study Criminology and train to be a probabtion officer! Things didn't go to plan but I always had my camera and loved snapping my travels, friends and family events and the love began there.

I finally took the plunge into freelance life in April 2019 and I've not looked back! I absolutely love what I do now. I love being able to meet amazing people, here their stories and share my creativity.

For the past two years I've been diving into the world of brand and marketing. I discovered that brand photography is what lights me up! Giving fellow freelancers the confidence to look and feel amazing helping them to attract their dream clients just really excites me!

My mission is to empower freelancers to look and feel confident about themselves and their brand with the power and creativity of brand photography.

I can't wait to hear from you and learn all about YOU and your vision for your incredible brand.



Let me help you love your brand

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What even is brand photography?!

Brand photography is all about capturing you and your brand to give you a collection of professional images that fully represent you and your brand. It shows your who's, what's, how's and why's within your business helping you to connect with your audience, stand out from your competition and attract those dream clients!

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