6 of THE best tools for business owners in 2021
6 of THE best tools for business owners in 2021

It’s Monday morning and you sit and plan the week ahead. Meetings, appointments, marketing, client work. You have a hundred things running through your mind about what you need to be working on. You really need to spend some time this week planning your posts and getting some good content out to attract new clients. It’s defiantly the number one priority this week…

3 days have passed and you STILL haven’t posted, you STILL haven’t written that newsletter and you can’t think what to share or you think who cares about what you have to say?!

post it notes and pen about tools to help business grow written on the noteLet me tell you that if this is you, then you are not alone! Freelance life can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if there’s only you in the business.

You have so many hats on and not enough hours to do it all right?!

 I spend so much time researching and testing new apps to try and streamline my own business and make it as easy as possible so I can spend more time doing what I love the networking, photographing and helping business owners like you look and feel amazing through brand photography.

screen shot of the app plannI wanted to make your life easier by sharing my thoughts on THE best apps, programmes and other tools in my business and why I love them.

  1. For planning my content for Instagram and stories I use PLANN (affiliate link) it’s free but there’s also an option to try out their paid version and upgrade. I’ve used others such as Hootsuite, Planoly, Publer but for my needs, PLANN is the one for me.


Plann not only allows me to plan and schedule my posts it also gives me ideas and inspiration of what I could be posting based on my industry. For anyone who gets such thinking of new content ideas and keeps consistent on Instagram, Facebook then this is for you.

Quick tip

Plann does also allow you to post to Linkedin but I don’t advise you do this on any platform. Linkedin doesn’t like you scheduling posts and can penalise your account for it. They prefer you to post organically on their platform only.

  1. Speaking of LinkedIn if your anything like me when I first started using the platform I had no idea what I was doing. I set my page up and very occasionally would write a post but it was like tumbleweed no one commented or had viewed it.

screenshot of a website showing a deskset up Even now I still struggle thinking of good content to share and how to share it on LinkedIn its so different to other platforms but it is a really beneficially platform to grow your business and make amazing connections, enquiries and sales.

I HIGHLY recommend signing up for Ellen Forster’s Linkedin Toolkit. It’s a monthly subscription but it is worth every penny! Packed with resources and monthly webinar to help you learn what content to share, how to present it and algorithm updates so you can really make the most of this massively undervalued social media platform.

Since following Ellen’s advice and toolkit. I have had real enquiries and even made sales through LinkedIn.

  1. Email marketing. Love it or hate it! It’s your most important asset in marketing build it and nourish it is what the majority of marketing experts will tell you.

Flodesk on a laptop I’m still building my list and adding more and value to it so that I can give tips, advice and educate my audience about the work I do and help them to improve their own businesses by standing out, grow in confidence and grow your business!

Although I had people on my emailing list setting up my lead magnets, automation and just making my emails look good and professional was a huge headache for me. I’m usually good at learning something and then having a go at building it myself. I tried Mailchimp and Mailerlite but just seemed like a battlefield.

I finally outsourced to the talented Natalie Morton from NDM Virtual who did it all for me. She made it look beautiful and on-brand. She recommended Flodesk (Affiliate link) it is so easy and visually really pretty. There’s no complicated code, integrations or pesky upgrade for more access like you get with other services.

If you do choose to sign up using this link to get 50% off your subscription.

  1. Canva! You have probably already heard or canva and might already use it. I recently upgraded to the paid version but I’ve worked mostly on the free one.

Canva is just such a brilliant tool for all of your design needs you don’t need to be artistic or techy to use it its filled with lots of templates to help you get started or you can start from scratch.

Check out my quick video here of how to get started with Canva.

  1. This next app I’m going to talk about is literally going to save you so much time, impress the hell out of your clients and just make things really simple.

Loom, what is it and why do I love it?!

2 people in the past week recommended loom to me. I’d previously never heard of it. It’s a site that allows you to record and screengrab short videos to send to your clients.

I was spending so much time writing long emails and information for my clients giving them instructions or the next steps in my workflow which I’m now able to do in two minutes and show them exactly where to go or what they need to be looking at saving lots of back and forth emails and questions.

  1. Finally, my ultimate go-to app/ service is … drumroll, please. Studio ninja. Now if your not a photographer or videographer then this app probably isn’t for you but I wanted to include it as it really keeps me running as a business.

screenshot of studio ninjaStudio ninja is a CRM created by and for photographers mainly. It allows me to create leads, invoice, send my contracts, have all of my client’s details in one safe and secure place. It also links straight to my accounting Xero so I can track exactly how much money is coming in and when.

It literally is my whole business in one place. If you are a photographer or videographer reading this then use this code AQNL5CFQU90R6N to receive $5 off your subscription every month!

So there you have my 6 most recommended tools and programmes that help me in my business to grow and be the best at what I do every day. Do you use other tools Id love to know in the comments or via Instagram?

Want to get in touch about something else? Send me a message here.


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